Hillary Warriors

A blog of women, by women and for women. #ImWithHer #ShesWithUs

Who We Are

We are Warriors. 

Women are 52% of the population; we are not a minority or a special interest, we are the majority. It is time our issues are treated as such. 

We have battled misogyny, sexism and double standards forever. Finally after 44 male presidents, Hillary Clinton, the most qualified, experienced candidate ever is running for the highest office. What an unbelievable high for feminism. She has made it clear that women’s issues are one of her top priorities. We finally have a presidential candidate who gives a sh!t about feminism. 

Our foremothers fought tiresome, gruesome, sometimes violent battles to get us where we are today and for that we are eternally thankful (BTW spell-check recognizes forefathers but not foremothers). When Hillary is President women’s issues will be discussed, will be addressed and we will level the playing field. 

On this blog site we will discuss our issues, our foremothers, and call out misogyny when we see it. We are a blog by women, about women and for women. We are warriors. 




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