Why Im Grateful for this Years Cluster*** Election.

It is an American embarrassment to have Mein Trump taken seriously as a candidate. It shows our lack of education, compassion and taste. It has also revealed to many of us who in our circles are racist, sexist and willfully ignorant. Friendships are lost and relatives disowned and all the while we lament on how awful and backwards this entire Trump phenomenon is (& IT IS)

BUT! I offer: THIS, THIS is the start of our woman’s revolution! To be able to see clearly who we are living with on a daily basis is empowering and liberating! Before, so many hid behind whatever shieldlabel they used for protection: teacher, neighbor, spouse, brother, friend & now they are exposed! Better to see what’s coming at ya then to be blind and ignorant while hosting these dangerous folks at your table.

I don’t take any relationship lightly “even” strictly online ones. Folks aren’t disposable as far as I am concerned. But this election year has made me reckon, sometimes it’s necessary to cut and run…

All this long-winded Ness to say : if you find yourself stricken from my friends list in the upcoming nearer to election days, it’s because you support Trump. Support for Trump tells me none of the following meant anything between us as friends: my being a woman – Mein Trump and Herr Pence threaten my biology, my pay, hell even my right to vote. My heritage being immigrant heavy & Muslim – this puts me to some degree in questionable status thus danger under a Trump/Pence regime, would you visit me in an internment camp? My child is gay. Think of your child, targeted, punished, threatened, killed for having _____ colored eyes – now think of my son and our family, how great you think he is, then dead. My spouse is Mexican, from immigrants. He will pay in trickle down ways. The brown immigrant is who we fear those from the South who bring rape crime and mayhem according to Trump culture. Are you not ashamed as my Naval Officer husband endures TSA private pat downs while travelling on military orders because he is brown and Mexican? Remember, this is a man, according to you is fighting for Murica to keep it safe & free.

Finally. I was taught, by a white privileged Republican man no less! Our vote is not about a “God given right”. 1. Men made up the vote, actually to further their own position in life. 2.WOMEN ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE FOUGHT FOR THE “RIGHT” TO VOTE.

Our vote is our CIVIC DUTY. It is a time we can participate in culture growth and prosperity FOR ALL not just us, in our isolated privilege bubbles.

So, if you are voting/supporting Trump, it tells me more about you then our years of endless conversations has. It has pulled back the green curtain, lifted the veil, washed off the polite church welcoming smile and shown me who you really are.

This is why you will be deleted. This is why in some small part I’m grateful this election has shown me ugly faces I’ve never seen, sitting in my own living room even!

I wish you well.