So now it’s a page straight out of the Salem Witch Trials, with a crazed mob yelling “Lock her up!”; possessed judges calling her “Lucifer!”, telling them to shout “Guilty! Guilty!” This is happening at a national party convention. It’s not America. It’s a third world, banana republic, kangaroo court. Does it make you uneasy? It’s meant to, because it’s a warning: ‘This is what uppity women and minorities get, so you’d better not be one. You’d better not vote for one.’ Our girls are hearing this, our boys are hearing it, and it’s only getting uglier and more threatening by the day. They were yelling “Hang her!” at a recent ‘rally’, and today a Trump advisor said “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”  It has to STOP, or we lose everything.

What are we going to do about it? Be silent? Go about our day? Try not to think about it? NO! We must say ‘You can’t have our America. You can’t do this here. You can’t treat women and minorities this way, and fill our kids with fear. We must be speak up, even if we don’t want to. And WE MUST VOTE for Hillary, and get our family and friends to! It doesn’t matter if you love her as much as I do, or not. We must vote for her, and talk sense into anyone considering the foolish, or say hello to Donald J. Hitler. (Thx Bil Palmer)

If people you talk to believe the smears, share the facts. If they ‘sense’ they don’t like or trust her, ask them to honestly consider Who wants them to feel that way, and Why it’s repeated it as a leading question in every “poll”, on every TV “news” show, like brainwashing; while almost nothing is said about the untrustworthiness or repulsiveness of a monster who calls women pigs, “bleeding out of wherever”, Mexicans “rapists”, and says he’d kill the families and children of ISIS suspects, their children; whose ex-wife testified in deposition that he raped her, while he makes sexual remarks about his own daughter; a monster who actually has been held liable or settled hundreds of times in court for cheating and wronging people, for LYING; for PRETENDING TO BE HIS OWN PUBLICIST, like the certifiable sociopath he is; who has filed bankruptcy numerous times, and refuses to release his taxes, the only candidate to get away with that in 40 years, without so much as a peep from the media. WHY, huh?!

Then CALL THE MEDIA too, and tell them you don’t buy the phony ‘Fair and Balanced’ act, pretending this is politics. The media is 100% complicit by not roundly condemning what Donald Trump is doing, while stoking the fire against the most admired woman in the world. Tell them that we expect Trump and his surrogates to be held responsible for saying and doing the unacceptable in our America, or they will be called out and held responsible themselves, for all time, by name, for the history books, should the unthinkable happen.

Call their sponsors. Are you a good writer? Pen a letter to the Editor, a post to your wall. Can you help people get good and mad through humor? Help us out with a deadly joke. Whatever it is you can do, do it, because this is your time to act, like Paul Revere shouting the warning on horseback. Or we can lose it all.