“America isn’t ready for a two woman ticket.”

What. The. Fu€k.

That may be YOUR reality but it is not ours. If you believe two women aren’t capable of winning on the same ticket, don’t kid yourself, you’re a misogynist and we see it.

When women run for office, women win just as often as men. According to PoliticalParity.org, “Most studies of the performance of women candidates demonstrate that women fare the same as, if not better than, their male counterparts in similar types of races.”

It goes on to explain that lack of female candidates, women who run, is why we don’t have more women in office; not because we cannot win or perform poorly when elected. “Voter prejudice against women candidates does not appear to be a major factor in limiting women’s election to office.”

So no, gender is not an electability issue for America; it is your misogyny.

If you honestly believe someone would vote Trump because Hillary chooses a woman as her VP, you are mistaken. Only a misogynist would let gender sway their vote and I guarantee that same misogyny means they would never support Hillary.

Forty-four men have run this country for the last 240 years. All 44 Presidents ran with male Vice Presidents and gender was never an issue than. It should not be an issue now.

Hillary will choose her running mate based on qualifications, experience and policy platform. She will not make gender an issue but if you do, you are the same misogyny that Hillary fought to get where she is. The same misogyny all women fight to not be held back.

Women are 53% of the population and we turn out to vote more often and in larger numbers than men. We can decide this election and many others for that matter. If Hillary chooses to do so, I welcome a two woman ticket. I support women running for ANY office.

So to you who believe a two woman ticket isn’t winnable. You’re wrong. So join the revolution, our revolution, and fight misogyny with us; otherwise you are just part of the problem.



Graduate Women’s Campaign School at Yale


Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images