I’m frequently asked why I support Hillary Clinton. After all, she’s only, to quote the New York Daily News’ colorful endorsement, a “super prepared warrior realist,” without the socialist leanings and revolutionary rhetoric that characterizes her democratic opponent, or “best words” and tiny hands associated with her republican rival.

Now, there are many lists and articles out there in which other Hillary supporters share why and how they’ve come to back her presidential candidacy. But I think that Hillary abundantly deserves something cooler than a list or article (though I love those too), of which, to her credit, she already has many. So since I don’t do slam poetry (sorry, just not going to play the bongos, guys), here’s my ode to Hillary Clinton in which I explain my ardent support for her, vaguely free verse style. I will include links where relevant, but please know that I’ve chosen just a few of many commendable and reputable sources, and am in no way affiliated with any of them. Here we go, just some of the multifarious reasons why I’m with her, in no particular order.

She has a record of fighting for progressive and liberal causes as a lawyer, First Lady, and senator, and her ideals matched with her thoughtful plans to actualize them speaks for itself. “Anger is a powerful emotion, but it’s not a plan.”

She has consistently been an advocate for extending affordable healthcare to Americans, a near and dear issue to me, one that intimately touches my life and the lives of loved ones.

She won the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign based on her LGBT record and her inspiring speech on LGBT rights, echoing her famous line that “women’s rights are human rights.”

She is the first major party candidate to centerpiece women’s rights and women’s health as major elements of her platform.

She’s a long-time feminist and proud of it.

She is a staunch supporter of gun control, made a point of wearing orange on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and won the endorsement of the highly respected Everytown for Gun Safety.

She oh so elegantly and gracefully owned The Donald.

She embodies revolution: electing the very first female president would be monumental for our country, helping shatter the glass ceiling, allowing us to show, not tell, young girls that they too really can grow up to be president.

She received the first-in-history endorsement of the Natural Resources Council Defense Action Fund, validating her pragmatic approach to addressing climate change and environmental hazards.

She supports campaign finance reform, and is in a unique position to do so, given that the Citizens United case started in the first place because of an anti-Hillary film.

She appeals to a diverse group of Americans along ethnic and gendered lines.

She possesses skill and experience in foreign policy, recognizing subtleties and nuance, seeking to exhaust diplomatic efforts before pursuing forceful strategies.

She has demonstrated an ability to hold her head high and remain above the fray, even when faced with truly difficult and ugly situations, which I believe bodes well for how she would represent our country to the world community.

And hey, she’s just a pretty darn amazing person.