Shhh… Ladies, they thought we were sleeping. Didn’t they know? We’re roused and rising, stretching out and gathering forces. Those who discounted us as quiet and bored, “unenthusiastic” as they put it, because we didn’t respond to bullying or bullsh*t; are about to get a big surprise. They’re about to have their own awakening, as we stand up, brush off the their puny bombs, and make our collective way to the White House; Hillary leading the way. They’re going to hear it loud and clear, feel it under their feet, shaking their world. Boom, boom, boom. Women on the move. Women making noise. Women as Giants. 

We will be the sound heard round the world, and the world will be watching. Then they will see that we never gave up, that we’ve been here all the time, working, working, for freedom, even as the media cigar room repeatedly tried to publish our obituary. If it wasn’t The Death of Feminism, it was ‘post feminism’, neo-feminism, your mothers feminism, or whatever junk social science moniker they’d slap on us to say we were dying, gasping our last breath, as they waited with baited breath.

Well boys, it didn’t work. Not only are we still here, but we’re making history, in spite of the decades of rotten storylines. We’re climbing, while you’re sinking, as more and more of our fathers, husbands and sons join us too. See, they’re starting to outnumber you and yours. We’re nominating Hillary, the first woman who will be president. Don’t doubt it for a second, because we don’t. And you can see where that’s gotten some of you. 

For all the bloviating and blustering of your newly chosen leader, a woman hating, racist red faced comb-over, aided by the unfortunate ravings of an overgrown ‘progressive’ Chicken Little, shouting and waving his arms about like it was the end of the world (or rather, the end of your world); for all the shoving us about, calling us “vagina voters”, and our candidate an evil corporate witch; you can see where it’s landed you, and that’s precisely nowhere. We’re still standing, and Hillary is still winning. 

As for you unenlightened boys on the left, you’re going to have to change your game, and treat us with at least a modicum of respect, or be left behind. This isn’t just about about beating the Donald, it’s about where you’ll stand when the dust settles and we’ve won, because make no mistake, we will exterminate him.  

Oh, we have no illusions that there won’t be continued efforts to harass and undermine us, but the global tone and tenor will change with a woman leading the free world. It will have to, or humanity will fail, and nobody truly wants that. Well, maybe the nihilists who’d rather burn down the house than see a woman be president, but we can forget about them for now. We have the power, and we’re going to use it, to make a better world, for all. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and we want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. 

It’s that which keeps us going, one generation to the next. We’re keenly aware who we’re fighting for, as were our foremothers. That is a power than can’t be kept down, our voices joined with all those pushed around. And right now, we have in us a leader, clad in the shining armor of women’s promise, righteous love and strength, and her name is Hillary. She is ready to take up the next phase, building on the accomplishments of Barack Obama. We elected our first black president, and now we’ll elect the first woman. We will lift her up as she takes down Trump, and saves the country, and world, from everything he is. America, you can thank us later.  

Women will take it from here.