If there is anything that I can fully agree with Bernie Sanders supporters on right now, it’s that the system is rigged.

The system, our entire society, in fact, is rigged against women. In our rigged system, women are discouraged from doing things like running for public office. If a woman runs for office anyway, the system is rigged to keep her from getting elected. If she is elected, the system is rigged so that she must dance on the head of a pin while doing the same job as her male counterparts or else be seen as not being good enough. It’s rigged so a man who spent three times the number of years in congress as a woman can call her “establishment” with a straight face. It’s rigged so a man who spent three times the number of years in congress as a woman can call her “unqualified” despite the fact that she accomplished more in her short eight years there than he did in his twenty-five years. It’s rigged so he can call her unqualified and and no one will call out his statement for what it is, sexism. It’s rigged so that a man can say that a woman has “no right” to be afraid when she is on stage facing a mob hurling misogynist invectives at her and in spite of such comments that man continues to be given a public platform with which to spread his diatribe. It’s rigged so men are not called out as hypocrites when they scream that incrementalism is the ultimate evil unless, of course, it’s the incremental improvements in equality for women. It’s rigged so anyone who dares speak out against such things risks becoming the target of rabid bullies. It’s rigged so that people who speak about their own struggles with this rigged system are derailed and silenced. It’s rigged so that women who routinely face death threats for performing their perfunctory duties are told it’s par for the course and to just brush it off. It’s rigged against women in so many ways that I will never be able to list all of them. It is so deeply rigged that even women, even I sometimes, help to perpetuate this rigging of the system. We are coopted into unconsciously enforcing the rigged system on ourselves.

So, yes Bernie Sanders, the system IS rigged and you seem to be having a mighty fine time turning this rigged system to your advantage.  You seem to be taking every unearned modicum of support you can squeeze out of this rigged system and using it as a weapon and your supporters as tools for the perpetuation of this rigged system because you are fully aware that the rigging is in Your Favor.