You know what breaks my heart? Everyday waking up and knowing these things:

-At the current rate that women are making gains in attaining congressional positions it’ll be 500 years before the women of America see parity of representation in our own government. How is THAT for taxation without representation? 500 years! So yeah, not in my lifetime will I see it, if I had a child they wouldn’t live to see it either.

Let it sink in! Really think about this… 500 years. Our country is just a few months shy of 240 years. Double how old the US is TODAY and add all those years of history together on top of how old we already are and women STILL won’t be equally represented in government in this country.

This is just talking about parity of representation in gender and doesn’t even touch on parity of representation in race, ethnicity, or in the LGBTQ+ community…

-Cuba, Iraq, China, AFGHANISTAN they all have better representation of women in government. Yes, those countries elect proportionally more women than the good old USA. Make America great again? Great “AGAIN”? For who? Who has America been great for? Oh right… Straight White Dudes.

-The US has had 37 women governors. Ever. EVER! Well over 2000 men have served as governor. I live in a state that has NEVER elected a woman for governor.

-The US has had 1963 US Senators since 1789, 46 have been women. Of those 1963 senators only 26 have been people of color and of that 26 only two have been women.

-The US ranks 90th in when it comes to female representation/ participation in national government. But don’t worry folks we rank First when it comes to military budget…

-As bad as things are for women in my own country, there are places in the world that are WORSE!

-As bad as things are in my own country, I know MEN who think America or humanity at large does not need Feminism. I know MEN who think women’s rights are not the same as human rights. I know MEN who think human rights (women’s rights) are not as important as their own personal paycheck… I know women who think these things too.

-It breaks my heart that people today are going around, righteous AF, saying they are fighting “the system”, saying that they are speaking truth to power, saying they are forming a Revolution, and yet not saying one single word about the most long-term, most insidious, most egregious injustice in all of the history of mankind. They tell ME that I’m blind, while they are myopically focused on their own back yard and their own bank accounts. They tell me I have NO PASSION, when the pain of this travesty ignites me every day. They tell me my issues are small, and we are making progress, and we’ll get there, but other things are more important Right Now. The tell me I should drop this torch that has been handed to me by all the women who went before me so I can help them hold up some banner about money. A banner that if carried to fruition would benefit me, yes. But will benefit them more!

-There were women on this earth who literally DIED so that someone like me can have the right to vote. But I’m supposed to forget about that this year because corporations don’t pay enough taxes…

So yes, I am a voter with a broken heart. Well guess what? I reject the fallacy of false dilemma! I reject totally and completely that this is an either or scenario. I believe in a candidate for president in my country that can do BOTH! A candidate that can make strides that pull women up behind her. A candidate that can fight back against a world FULL of unfairness to minorities of every kind. Fight back and WIN! I believe in a candidate that can do all of that AND close tax loopholes, fight corporate greed, work towards a financial system that does not prey on the poor and yet is still robust and thriving, and fight to end Citizens United, a ruling that happened because Republicans wanted endless corporate money to defeat HER!

I believe we can focus on more than our bank accounts and our own back yards. I believe she will fight harder than anyone ever has to end the things I listed that break my heart every day, and because I believe this of her #IMWITHHER and #ISTANDWITHHER